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Aqua 5 Dry Probiotics Pond Water Additive

Product Code: AQUA510


Aqua-5 Dry Probiotics for Aquariums & Ponds.

                                                      Use Aqua-5 Dry to keep your ponds and aquariums healthy, clean, and clear.

Highly Concentrated Micro bacteria with added Minerals and enzymes just 1gram contains over 80 Billion strands of beneficial Bacteria!

It contains a blend of eight strains of waste-degrading beneficial bacteria engineered to remove the type of waste accumulated within the eco system of the pond/aquarium.

  • Beneficial enzymes promote a strong biological response in ponds and filter plants
  • Quickly starts to seed bio-filters from the minute it enters the pond/aquarium
  • Safe for all species of animals and plants
  • Fast reduction of ammonia, nitrite and phosphates and safe removal of nitrates in fresh water applications
  • Highest concentration of probiotics on the market to suppress disease-causing pathogens 
  • Clears green water fast!





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